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Emma Hassan

Passionate about Healing

Emma Hassan created Heal House following her own journey of healing physically, mentally and emotionally from various conditions over the last 15 years.  Emma is passionate about healing and combines her wealth of knowledge, qualifications, experiences and skills to provide a holistic and individualised service to the public to support both adults and children in their healing.


Emma successfully healed herself after experiencing chronic digestion and gut issues for over 20 years, breast cancer, mental ill health, enduring stress, unresolved trapped emotions, ongoing brain fog, heavy metal toxicity, viruses and food intolerances.  Emma used a combination of natural and holistic therapies to heal including, kinesiology, nutritional supplements, herbs, a dairy free diet, Emotional Truth Technique, Energy Healing and Reiki, Bach Flowers Remedies, The Journey Work (by Brandon Bays) and Shadow Integration.  Everything Emma attributes to her healing are all natural, easy, effective and affordable remedies.  Due to their effectiveness in transforming Emma’s emotional and physical health, Emma has now trained in all the mentioned therapies so that she can offer these therapies at Heal House. 


Emma is also a qualified Social Worker and has been working with adults, young people and those with disabilities for 15 years.  Most of Emma’s social work practice is in mental health therefore she has professional experience in depression, anxiety, addictions, learning disability, eating disorders, self harm, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, self harm and trauma.


Emma understands how frustrating it is when you cannot get the answers to why you are feeling unwell, why you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms or what is the cause of your ailments.  Emma feels it is important for people to find solutions, identify what can support their healing from the inside out and Emma is passionate about empowering others to heal themselves.


Because Emma found Kinesiology was accurate and effective in providing her with the answers she was seeking, Emma studied BioKinesiology and became one of the first 12 people in Ireland to become qualified in this new type of advanced kinesiology.  Emma is on the board of the Biokinesiology Association of Ireland and continues to update her learning and development monthly so that she can develop her knowledge to better support others in their journey towards health.

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