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Caitriona Dochartaigh

Emma is very good at what she does i was intrigued by what my body was tellibg me needed fixed i wud highly recommend going to see Emma she is very skilled and makes u feel at ease thanks Emma x

Lorraine Maguire

I had a treatment with Emma 2 weeks ago. After months of heavy painkillers and insomnia I am already a different person. I haven't had to take a tablet in a week. Emma has changed my life for the better and I've lost weight as I can move with a lot less pain now. Thank you Emma. I can't wait for my next treatment as it was so relaxing.

Sharon Lynch

Emma is a very skillful and passionate Bio Kinesiologist with an Excellent knowledge. I would highly recommend a visit.

I would highly recommend Emma . I had a great experience and found it very helpful as I found out so much about my body & my health, thank you

I have been with Emma for a few treatments and have to say it has made such a difference to me. I have so much energy, I am sleeping well and feel mentally strong. Fascinating what you can learn from your body. Highly recommend Kinesiology with Emma

Danielle Bradley

no words for how amazing this lady was in taking my baby to finally get answers for what is wrong and alongside that finding information about my own body that I was not even aware of! A complete positive outcome inside half hours work from emma! amazing lady and so friendly..i cannot highly reccomend her enough!! thank u so much

Shanin odonnell

Emma is amazing at what she does , found out so much stuff about my body and how to heal it. Since i had my appointment ive made changes to my diet and the results are life changeing. I would highly recommed, it best thing i done for my health.

Eve Beattie

Emma is so knowledgable in her field and extremely helpful! I can’t rate her highly enough.

Shonene O'Connor

Emma is very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about what she does. I felt very at ease during my session. I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling the benefits following Emma's advice. I would highly recommend having a session with Emma.

Caroline Moran

I have had a few sessions with Emma, what a wonderful experience and a brilliant practitioner. Emma explained and talked me through everything that she was doing during my sessions , which helped me develop more awareness of my body and mind. I would have no hesitation to return to Emma at any time. It was great to find out what toxins were in my body and what I needed to heal.

Hugh Hegarty

I've had a session with Emma and wow what a difference it has made. The things that Emma was able to tell me about what needed addressed within my body and my eating habits was mind blowing. I have put int practice all of Emma's advice and can honestly say this has changed my life for the better. I now have loads more energy feel much better within myself and my digestion has improved and my joints are now pain free. Emma is very professional in and very knowledgeable about all aspects of her work. Thanks Emma you have made such a difference to my life. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough..... for some reason this won't allow me to rate Emma's service properly but it's most definitely 5 star plus

Brendan O'Connor

Finding out importance of vitamins and minerals for health, and how to keep fit. Likely to try Kinesiology again as my health has improved so much from finding out what my body needs. 



Dana Dixon

Having attended a few weeks ago and made changes suggested by Emma I can say my body is starting to feel normal again after my section with last August ! Thank you Emma xx



Marie Claire

I can honestly say, kinesiology has changed my mental and physical health dramatically. My digestion, energy and mood have all improved over the 3 months I have been attending Emma. Even my friends and family have noticed the positive changed. I would highly recommend Emma & BioKinesiology. It was great to find out all the toxins I had in my body and what I needed to heal them. I found BioKinesiology fasinating and so informative. 

Nuala O'Kane

I would highly recommend Emma, she is friendly welcoming and very professional. The work she does is invaluable and having a full body check to discover what my body was missing and what was doing it harm was so reassuring. So looking forward to my next appointment.

Julieann McKeown

Went to my 1st Kinesiology treatment and it was amazing.  IThe benefits are incredible. My kids also had an appointment and they loved it. Would highly recommend Emma as she is a very friendly young lady

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